Sunday, February 22, 2009

Exploring old Sykesville, MD

Yesterday was lovely, dry and around 45 degrees, not windy. Today it is raining and snowing on and off so the timing was good for weekend exploring I think I'll go see Coroline 3D.

After meeting up and having a beer we walked the streets, then the old railroad tracks in Sykesville for a bit. Finally we took a path off to the rocky woods.

In the woods I saw many Carolina Chickadees flitting about and calling to one another and one Carolina Wren pair doing a little dippsy doodle dance to each other. Carolina on My Mind took the place of The Adams Family theme song. Also saw a singled Tufted Titmouse hidden but talking from the undergrowth and crows and vultures flying overhead. Lovely walk...everything was gray/tan/brown/olive but I am firmly into my Spring Fever phase and loved it.