Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Garden planning

My neighbors have built a split rail fense so I have decided to expand the garden right up to my end of the property line. I will also (hopefully) build a tall deer excluding fense. The top picture was taken this morning from the upstairs bathroom so the angles are a bit distorted.
The deer fense will go where the black lines are, the gate where the red line is. The blue rectangle is an existing shed, the brown is an existing potting bench. The green is existing perennial herbs and muscari bulbs. The beige bed is created but not planted. The light green lines are a dirt only raised bed late fall sown with spinach that has not germinated so I am not sure if it will in the spring.
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There are 5 wood edged raised beds. The triangular area is still in sod. I'd like
to get it under some lasagna gardening coverings and kill the sod off and plant it as well. The area along side the fense is about 6 feet wide and will have something...not sure what. Potato towers in the ovals. The wide open area down by the shed will likely stay open for a table and chairs and some decorative pots.