Thursday, June 24, 2010

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Succession planting time! I have chest high corn and 4 inch corn. Winter sqaush & several types of beans in bed 1 (used to be broccoli and peas). Bed 2 (same row but on the left used to be turnips and now has some herbs, eggplant and some free space I want to get planted. Down by the shed is a newly tilled area that will be used for fall brassicas I think.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

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Plant ID help needed


I have no idea what this plant is. I thought it was a baby hellebore the first year I noticed it. For 2 years it just had basal growth. I had obtained some helebores in a garden trade and forgot where I planted them. I heard they were slow growers. But now it is about 3 years old and it just shot up and changed from a basal cluster of leaves to this odd growth pattern. I THINK there are teeny flowers about to set seed in those little branch tips.

Does anyone know what this is...I'm thinking some sort of weed now.