Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy despite myself

I am a bit laid up as of late. I had elective surgery for hammertoes on 2/7 and really fucked it up when I walked with the stupid boot off. I stubbed my toe and suddenly found myself in for no longer elective surgery...this time with a bone graft from my heel. I'm total non weight bearing for at least 2 weeks. Argg and it is spring outside. So much planning of gardening to be done. My house is full of walkers, crutchs and rollabouts as I try to learn to cope with this restriction.

Happy other news that is not mine to share yet but just know, random giggling is not a sign of pyschosis for me. I'm just very happy despite the above issue. VERY happy. More later on that topic. Smiles.

It is so gorgeous here today. I am enjoying open window time. My nice neighbor Brian moved a heavy garden chair for me to sit on just off the front porch and my friend Sue brought my winch cleaning supplies to the deck for me. The Wenches' Winch Cleaning Crew continues this year and the boats will be splashed into the river/bay soon so I need to get my part done while the weather is so fine.