Saturday, March 13, 2010

pressure cooker meals

"Swedish Pot Roast"

Moroccan Chicken "Tagine" made in a pressure cooker, adapted from:
Should serve at least 6 to 8 for a main dish. I'm taking it to a Couch Surfing pot luck tomorrow. Pictures to follow, :)

This is very yum...tender chicken, firm carrots, soupy cabbage/onion/tomato/prune base with a sweetly spiced taste.

Fry 2 yellow onions in 1/4 cup olive oil until beginning to brown
add 8 chicken thighs but no need to brown them
sprinkle with
2 scant T Kosher salt
2 t ground ginger
2 t cinnamon
0.5 t saffron
Stir it all together
and add
1 pound diced canned tomatoes
1 small coarsely chopped savoy cabbage
0.5 pound pitted prunes
32 ounces chicken broth

Bring to high pressure on high heat then turn to lowest heat needed to maintain pressure
and cook for 30 minutes.

Remove and de-bone and generally clean up chicken so you are left with 1 to 2 bite size pieces. Place in large flat container to cool in one layer (I use a roasting pan).

Cook 2 pounds large, whole peeled carrots under pressure in broth/veggie mix until just tender, for me this is 8 minutes. Remove carrots from broth/veggie mix and cut into largish 1 to 2 bite size chunks, add to chicken. Cover chicken and carrots with saran wrap touching the mix to keep it moist and refrigerate.

Pour broth veggie mix in another large flat container to cool (I use a roasting pan).

When cool skim off fat, reserve to use some if fat is needed for the couscous or rice.

Combine de-fatted broth, veggies, chicken and carrots and re-warm.

Serve over couscous or brown rice.

Note 1, my cooker's max pressure is 13 PSI, if yours is the standard 15 PSI you can subtract about 20% from my time estimates.

Note 2, my cooker is too small to do the carrots and chicken together but if yours is large enough the carrots could be added to the pot when the chicken is about 2/3 done.

2/2/11 making this again,
Used scant 1 T kosher salt then ground down in mortar and pestal
also ground down saffron
used 1/2 fennel bulb and leaves
boxed tomatoes 28 ounce

"Swedish Pot Roast"
3 to 4 pound chuck
1/2 celery bunch
1 large onion
1 pound carrots
3 large potatoes
1 large can petite diced tomatoes
.5 pounds prunes
2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp ginger
.5 tsp nutmeg
salt / pepper to taste
5 large bay leaves

oil to sear the meat and for the seal

Sear the chuck
add the tomatoes, prunes, bay, onion and half the celery.
Cook on high for 50 minutes
quick release
add spices and remaining vegetables and cook on high 4 minutes more
quick release